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Our Seamless tube Manufacturing Process:
We use Cold Drawn Process, to manufacture our seamless tubes to provide a smooth finish and dimensional compassion. The tubes are Heat Treated to gain the needed mechanical components. To place it simply, they are stress relieved, normalized, and set as per grade specifications and your terms. Then to achieve the needed just straightness in tubes, we use various roll straightening equipment.

We perform precise quality controls to assure that the products delivered to you are of the highest class. In addition to that, we follow the most careful packing methods for exports, to make sure that the supplies reach their destination in great condition.

Industrial & Applications of Seamless Tubes:
Industries such as shipbuilding, energy plants, refineries, chemical plants, steel factories, and fertilizer manufacturers use seamless steel tubes for a variety of processes.

Seamless Tube Manufacturer in India:
South India Tubes is of the leading seamless tube suppliers and manufacturers, we deliver high-quality tubes as per several international standards. We consider quality and performance.

Carbon Steel Seamless Precision Tubes

Chemical Composition in %

Mechanical Propeties

Product Highlights

➜ Tubes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere hence it will be completely scaling free and in bright mirror finish.
➜ It gives uniformity in hardness and it will be suitable for precision bending as heat treatment is carried out in a control atmosphere by uniform heating.
➜ Tubes are supplied in closer dimensional tolerances.
➜ Having better surface quality on IID and OD both with homogeneous Ra Value.