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Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes Manufacturer Process

Manufacturing Process: Cold Drawn Bench

Before drawing operation the Pipes are coated by Phosphate to avoid metal to metal contact and static for lubrication purpose. Than approx 200 mm of the input, the end is reduced by using the tagging process.

Cold Drawing is the process applied when very precise tolerances are specified for tube diameter. Besides the improved diameter tolerances, specified rnechanicalproperties can also be attained. In addition, this process is offered in all cases where special requirements are placed on the quality of the surface of the tube bore.

In the cold drawing, the tube is pulled through a Tungsten Carbide Die with a fixed floating plug resulting in reduced tube diameter/ thickness and increase in tube length.

Heat Treatment: Bright Annealing

After each process of manufacturing tubes & pipes is subjected to heat treatment in a continuous annealing furnace at the specified temperature asper specification followed by slow air cooling and fast cooling subsequent annealing process is carried out.
Full Annealing, Normalising, and Tempering ensures
• Homogenous structure/ refining grain size.
• Removal of residual stresses developed during the process
• Imparts ductility and softness for further process

Carbon Steel Seamless Precision Tubes: Manufacturing Process

South India Tubes have specialization of manufacturing cold drawn seamless ) carbon steel tubes normalized/annealed in a controlled atmosphere. These tubes are 1 softer than the tubes annealed in normal annealing and due to controlled atmosphere, these tubes are bright finished, semi-bright, and scale-free also.
Applications – Tubes produced in a controlled atmosphere is widely used in the application of
• High-Pressure Fuel Injection Tubing
• CNG Pipings
• Hydraulic Tubing
• Fuel Pump Line
• Automobiles Industries
• Precise Engineering etc.,
• Brake Shoe Lines

Seamless Tubes Acc. To DIN 2391

The technical conditions of delivery as per DIN 2391 part 2 will apply. The tubes are generally ordered in terms of outside diameter and wall thickness. However, tubes may also be ordered in terms of outside and inside diameter. In this case, the customer must order according to DIN 2391 GrA&B.
High Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection Tubes Specifications :
DIN 2391, ST 35 AL, DIN 73000 and diesel engine St. 35 tubes.